Art Studio Renovation

Lisa Hammitte Art studio

My art studio had gotten out of hand...way past the messy creative stereotype.  I stalked some of my artist friends social media accounts for inspiration and came up with a solution that combined simple organization and storage.  Please don't judge me, but let me show you the before picture.  Art studio before renovation
I spent several hours throwing away junk, old brushes and trash.  I then went down to my garage and built shelving to go all around the wall.  I used inexpensive furring strips nailing and gluing a 1x3 to 1x4's.  Once built, I used my handy dandy stud finder and my son and I screwed the shelves to the wall. Here is that progress....
wood shelves for art
My last task was paint organization.  I had put color famines in rolling storage boxes, but still couldn't find what I was looking for a lot of the time.  I also assumed I was out of colors that I may have three of with this system.  So I attached a pegpoard to the wall.  Some paint had holes already, but I used office binder clips for the ones that didn't to attach to the pegs in the same color order as the paint producers.
pegboard for paint storage
Last, I sat up my easel again with muted light from a newly installed window shade.  I even secured a surge protector for my I pad and lights.
lights and iPad for art studio
So what do you think?  I know I love the organization!
If you have any questions feel free to comment.

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