Why Do I Paint Cows

Lisa Hammitte cow art painting cows

Why do I paint cows?  At every show, I am asked this.   It's hard for me to explain these things on the fly, but in the cocoon of written words in a blog, I think I can explain.  For one thing, it was what my youngest daughter asked me to paint for her back in 2016.  I was doing woodworking, building furniture and wood signs, but she wanted what I call the cow of many colors.  I used rough plywood to make what I now call a wood cradle.  She loved it and shared it on social media.  That started my adult art career... so I owe a lot to a cow!   Secondly, we were gentlemen farmers for five years in our little southeast Alabama town that accepted "cows out" as an acceptable excuse for tardiness to school.  Our herd of angus were fun til they got out in the night and nearly broke us buying hay in a long summer drought. We sold those cows as soon as we could, but I never forgot the joy of seeing those little calfs wobbling around and relished the echos of moos at feeding times.  

So now with warm memories, I paint cows.  They are easy keepers now.  They hang on walls and sit on shelves reminding me of good times. I have found in my shows and collectors of my cow paintings, that many feel that way.  If you get one of my herd, ENJOY!

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