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After a lot of researching and gnashing of teeth and listening to the wisdom of some of my art marketing artist mentors,  I did it.   I switched from my Wordpress, Woo Commerce site to a Shopify website.  Leslie Saeta of My Hundred Year home has a weekly pod cast, Artists Helping Artist endorses Shopify.  Then my good friend and wonderful artist, Tom Findley, Thomas Andrew Art has gone to a Shopify website.  This decision was solidified when I did a WordPress update and my site reverted to a few versions back and WooCommerce stopped working.  One customer was so patient having to send me payment three times before it all worked ( I actually had to just request money via PayPal).  So friends and followers, bear with me as I get all the products up and going.  I plan to have posts that will be for everyone.  For my artist friends, I will let you know what I am learning in the social media world.  For my friends wanting to know about art, I will post some basic how to's that I get asked a lot.  I'll also post new artwork and some visual devotionals that will have the Word with a brief personal  note.  If any of this interests you, please subscribe .  I want to hear from you!


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